Friday, August 31 - Sunday, September 2
Stake your claim to the most resilient secondary school in the world, National Grammar School, Nike Enugu, Nigeria - We took a hard hit from the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-70 and bounced back. We’ve taken several hits from decades of decadence that caused our school to look like a war-torn territory, even in peace-time Nigeria. A school that has nurtured and produced world class athletes, luminaries in academia, and leaders of industries should not be left moribund. Therefore, with love and faith, the alumni association of this great institution has vowed to bring back the long lost greatness of National Grammar School, Nike and pave way for the next generation of leaders. Just like the phoenix, the Nike Pelicans will rise again. What are you waiting for? Join the cause.

The September 1, 2018 inaugural convention in Atlanta, Georgia marks the first step in putting our names in the history books as we plan to comprehensively rebuild and restore our alma mater to the glory years. Your financial support is needed now. Together, we can make it happen!

Amor Et Fides!
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